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Girlfriends Films Field Of Schemes Pack

The strengths and weaknesses come from who is on the field at the time this defense is called. A nickel package vs. a 4-3 (or even a dime package) will dictate the speed and coverage skills on the players on the field.

Girlfriends Films Field Of Schemes Pack

In Detroit the game was on the radio. No home TV as the black-out rule back then crushed any home telecasts unless you were 75 miles or so from the stadium. In a way I am glad I did not see it and I am glad that NFL films did not release any footage that was taken, nor has CBS, although I believe that the game is not in the vaults of CBS. In any case, I read that many of the Lions were crying in the locker room. I can only imagine the sorrow and anguish that prevailed. Us baby boomers will always remember that day and for may years afterwards, when attending the old stadium, I would look out to the left field area where it all happened and just stared at the spot where this husband, friend, and father lost his life at the corner where so much joy and great memories were made.


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