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Active commanders broadcast their location to all players on the same map via a commander icon (also known as a tag). Players in World versus World can only see tags belonging to commanders on their own team. The commander icon is displayed on the world map, the compass, and above the commander's character. Commanders can choose between one of nine colors for their icon, as shown above: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, magenta, and white. Hovering the cursor over a commander tag on the map will display the commander's name, and clicking this tag will provide the option to Join Squad if that squad is accepting join requests.

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If desired, a commander can hide their icon from all but those inside of their squad by enabling the "Private Squad" setting in the squad UI. Conversely, any player can disable seeing commander tags outside of their squad via the general options menu.

Hovering over a commander's orders icon will display its function. All may be simultaneously placed at different locations on the map; however, only one of each may be present at a time. They may be individually removed using Mouse1. Except for the personal waypoint, they are automatically removed when the squad is disbanded.

Young Link drinks Milk as his taunt in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It also appears as a Trophy. Unlike the original bottle from the N64 games, the sticker is light-yellow instead of blue, and the cow's icon is fully colored rather than being a plain white outline.

This table lists all the outfits that have ever been available in Sky; only a small subset of them are available for purchase at any given time. The default order is icon order, as used in the in-game Outfit Closet. The table sort order can be changed by clicking on the header of any column.

All icons in the icon pack have been thoroughly tested on both regular and high PPI screens (such as Apple's Retina displays) to ensure the best results on all platforms including iOS and Android devices.

The Linearicons icon pack includes a font that you can install and use in any application with a custom text tool (such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch or Adobe Illustrator). This font comes with hundreds of ligatures, making it easy to find and use the icons. Using this font, you can type a keyword to bring up the icon associated with the word. Watch a video showing this feature. Additionally, this font comes with a set of basic Latin characters, the very same typeface that is used in this web page!

Using this icon pack, you will be able to make your own custom icon fonts via the IcoMoon App. With this approach, you will be able to make optimized fonts with a small file size rather than having to use a big font file containing hundreds of icons which you may or may not actually need in your projects.

This package becomes more valuable with the release of each update and its price will be raised. To value loyalty and early adoption, you will receive all future updates for free. The first version of the Linearicons icon pack was released with only 407 icons. The current version contains 1001 icons!

Your Linearicons license purchase is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. If you were not satisfied for any reason, get in touch within 14 days of your purchase to get a full refund. No questions asked.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) logo, including the colour wheel and 17 icons are available for use in the six official languages of the UN (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish).

Please note that the SDG logo with the UN emblem is only available to UN System partners. All other entities should use the SDG logo without the UN emblem. You are free to use the Sustainable Development Goals icons and colour wheel as per our guidelines. For a list of FAQs please click here.

Click on other character's trading post to see what goods and items they want to trade with. Each offer/request is represented by an icon of the good/item, the available amount in bottom left corner, and the trading price at the top (per one ton in case of goods). Items are separated from goods and both goods and items have their own tabs (if the character trades with both, otherwise there are no separate tabs).

To play an instrument, you must first equip it by selecting it in the Props Closet; your currently equipped instrument is visible on your back. To play the instrument, open the expression menu. An icon for your instrument is added in the row of actions, next to the "Home" icon (typically the third row of icons). Selecting that icon makes you take out the instrument and be ready to play.

This table lists all the instruments currently available in Sky. The default order is icon order, as used in the in-game Props Closet. The table sort order can be changed by clicking on the header of any column. 041b061a72


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