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Manifold System GIS 8.0 32-bit Download !!EXCLUSIVE!! High Quality

  • SQL for ArcGIS Pro requires a recent Windows .NET framework and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable libraries. Install these if not already present in your Windows system:Visit the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+ page, or download Microsoft's .NET 4.8 installer.

  • Visit the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable page. Install both vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit) and vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit).

  • Installing prerequisites, if necessary, needs to be done only once. Thereafter, you can use however many different portable installations for SQL for ArcGIS Pro that you want.InstallationDownload the portable installation for SQL for ArcGIS Pro from the SQL for ArcGIS Pro Downloads page.

  • A portable installation is a .zip file. Unzip the file to create a hierarchy of files and folders, including an addin folder that contains an Esri AddInX file.

  • Launch ArcGIS Pro with a project. In the Project tab, choose Add-In Manager.

  • In the Add-In Manager, choose Options, and choose Load all Add-Ins without restrictions.

  • Press the Add Folder button.

  • In the Select Folder dialog, navigate to the location of the addin folder and click it, so it appears in the Name box. Press OK.

  • Exit, and then restart ArcGIS Pro. An Add-In tab will appear in the ribbon.

To use SQL for ArcGIS Pro, launch ArcGIS Pro, open a project, then click the Add-In tab and press the Open SQL button in the sql4arc group.

Manifold System GIS 8.0 32-bit Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Portable installations do not require any uninstallation. If you have downloaded a newer version, or if you no longer want the program on the system, first use the ArcGIS Pro Add-In Manager to remove the add-in folder in the Options tab, and then use Windows Explorer to delete the files and folders that were unzipped from the downloaded .zip file. See the Install SQL for ArcGIS Pro User Manual topic for step by step examples.


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