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Aisi E 1, Volume Ii, Part Vii Anchor Bolt Chairsl

Aisi E 1, Volume II, Part VII Anchor Bolt Chairs

An anchor bolt chair is a device that is used to support and align anchor bolts in a structure. Anchor bolt chairs are typically made of carbon steel or alloy steel and consist of a top plate, vertical plates, and legs. The top plate has holes for the anchor bolts to pass through and the vertical plates are welded to the top plate and the legs. The legs are fixed to the floor or the base plate of the structure by nuts or bolts. Anchor bolt chairs are designed to distribute the load from the anchor bolts to the shell or column of the structure without causing excessive stress or bending.


The design of anchor bolt chairs is governed by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) standard E-1, Volume II, Part VII. This standard provides formulas and guidelines for determining the dimensions, thicknesses, and stresses of the components of the anchor bolt chair. The standard also specifies the minimum clearances between the anchor bolts and the shell or column, as well as between the vertical plates and the floor or base plate. The standard covers different types of structures, such as flat-bottom tanks, conical shells, and tubular columns.

Some of the factors that affect the design of anchor bolt chairs are:

  • The diameter and eccentricity of the anchor bolts

  • The design load or maximum allowable load on the anchor bolts

  • The thickness and radius of the shell or column

  • The cone angle for conical shells

  • The reduction factor for stress concentration at welds

  • The weld size and quality

The standard provides tables and charts for selecting the appropriate values for these factors based on empirical data and analysis. The standard also provides examples of calculations and drawings for different types of anchor bolt chairs.

Anchor bolt chairs are essential for ensuring the stability and safety of structures that require anchor bolts. By following the AISI E-1, Volume II, Part VII standard, engineers can design anchor bolt chairs that are suitable for various applications and conditions.


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