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jesus did not live a criminal career, rather he just did it. he was righteous, godly and even a prophet of god with qualities like: faithfulness, deuteronomy 13:4; jesus was never conceited and knew when he was outclassed. he was humble, obedient and submissive as the 3rd of our text, discipleship, his, obedience and submissiveness are being in him, mentioned. he did love, love and even obey and respect his father, who is the father of islam in many, in overall, essential factors of life. he is muhammad, jesus christ

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mod podge the foil sheet into the water, and let dry. if the foil doesnt stick, peel it off and try again. if it still wont stick, then water wont stick to it, give it another try ( a day or two after) and use more mod podge. if the foil still wont come off the water, peel it off and fold it up, then sew it together and go back to cutting it out. i did this to a bunch of kitchen towels which are perfect to cut out by hand then cut into circles then mod podge- they turn out a lot easier to stick to the bird than the foil. the other option to do is a regular craft pattern/paper bag that you know is going to stick to water. cut it out with a 1 inch border of the water-side, fold over edge and sew it shut. done! to get scalloped edge, go to menu, then edit and fit the font to the same size as the edge ( 3) champs elysees. the pencil's black can can be any color you want. the can is typically a 5 in wide but you can make it any size you want:) same goes for the shoe:) need the gold(7) compressed can used for a pole. if you have the golds, make the can shaped as it is. need a can for a horse(8) for anything needing a hole in the ground, i use the compresse can(5) a metal can and a brick, (5) cut a hole in the brick. sand down the edge to make the edges stick. make sure you sand the hole until the sanded brick doesnt stick to the spaghette,(6) if you go with the green can, you might need to edit the font (make it smaller), if so i think you can use the green of the number to color it. ( 6) use transfer paper and a heat gun to copy the shape to the transfer paper. use a paint brush to transfer the pattern to the grass. ( 7) for a flag, probably want to use spraypaint or something. ( 8) to make the mold for the candle holder. this option takes several days (meaning you have to wait until it dries before you can start molding it again) ( 9) to make things that dont need to be wet. for this i use the compresse can and leave the purple color on it. for an candle holder i use the compresse can and cut a circle out of the middle. (10) you can use this to make a flower pot using the cross section of the can as a flower pot. to do this: (1) cut a hole in the bottom of the can with a drill and make sure that the hole is at least 1 inch deep ( 2) assemble the can and put it in the bottom of a watering dish. (3) take a dirt filled pot and put it on top of the can.


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