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How To Kill Zombies In Lego Worlds

How to Kill Zombies in Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a sandbox video game that allows players to build and explore a world made of Lego bricks. The game features various biomes, characters, creatures, and items that can be discovered and interacted with. One of the most common enemies in the game are zombies, which are undead minifigures that attack and harass other characters and creatures. In this article, we will show you how to kill zombies in Lego Worlds using different methods and weapons.


What are Zombies in Lego Worlds?

Zombies are a type of character in Lego Worlds that are hostile to the player and other characters. They have a grey skin tone, red eyes, and a mouth full of broken teeth. They wear torn clothes and have flies buzzing around their heads. They also have a distinctive shuffling gait and a low growl. Zombies can be found in several biomes, such as the Lawless Lagoon, the Weird Woods, and the Curious Canyon. They can also appear as a result of attacking other characters, such as pirates, businessmen, or cheerleaders.

Zombies have six health points and deal two damage per hit. They are only vulnerable to black weapons, which are weapons that have a black color scheme and a skull icon. These weapons include the Black Sword, the Black Pistol, the Black Rifle, the Black Shotgun, and the Black Cannon. Other weapons will not harm zombies at all. Zombies also have a special ability to scare other characters and creatures by leaning forward and growling loudly at them. This can cause them to run away or freeze in fear.

How to Kill Zombies in Lego Worlds?

There are several ways to kill zombies in Lego Worlds, depending on the situation and the available resources. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  • Use black weapons: The easiest and most straightforward way to kill zombies is to use black weapons, which are the only weapons that can damage them. You can find black weapons in chests, quests, or by discovering certain characters that wield them. For example, you can discover the Skeleton Captain or the Skeleton Pirate who carry black swords or pistols. You can also discover the Skeleton Cowboy who carries a black rifle or shotgun. Once you have a black weapon, you can equip it and attack zombies with it until they die.

  • Use vehicles or creatures: Another way to kill zombies is to use vehicles or creatures that can run over them or knock them down. You can find vehicles or creatures in various biomes or by discovering them. For example, you can find cars, motorcycles, helicopters, dragons, horses, or gorillas that can help you deal with zombies. You can also use vehicles or creatures that have weapons attached to them, such as tanks, planes, or cannons. Once you have a vehicle or creature, you can ride it and run over zombies or shoot them with it until they die.

  • Use terrain tools: A more creative way to kill zombies is to use terrain tools that can modify the landscape around them. You can access terrain tools by pressing the Y button on your controller or the T key on your keyboard. You can use terrain tools to raise or lower the ground, add or remove water, paint or erase colors, or add or remove bricks. You can use terrain tools to trap zombies in holes, drown them in water, crush them with bricks, or burn them with lava until they die.


Zombies are one of the most common enemies in Lego Worlds that can pose a threat to your exploration and creation. However, they are not invincible and can be killed using different methods and weapons. By using black weapons, vehicles or creatures, or terrain tools, you can eliminate zombies from your world and enjoy your Lego adventure.

If you want to learn more about Lego Worlds, you can visit its official website, its Steam page, its wiki page, or its WB Games page. You can also watch this video that shows how to defeat zombies in Lego Worlds.


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