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Super Mario 64 Character Mods

Super Smash Bros. modding community has grown substantially over the past few years with some very creative projects being completed as a result. Mods come in many shapes and sizes such as reskinning existing characters with a character model from a different game or adding stages and music. Players have managed to add Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, Among Us Crewmates, and even Marvel's Thanos to the game's roster via mods. While these are all just simple reskins, one team of modders has worked to build new characters for the original Super Smash Bros.

Super Mario 64 Character Mods


Smash Remix is a team of modders dedicated to adding new content to Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64, and in the latest update, players now have the ability to play as Mad Piano. Unlike other mods, Smash Remix builds new characters from scratch with unique character models and move sets. Smash Remix's Mad Piano looks as if he were pulled directly from Super Mario 64, and he is equipped with the same nightmare-inducing teeth he had 24 years ago.

-Player fixes: -Player jump, pain and special attack sprite things are now positioned correctly onto the player's movement, and also added the NOBLOCKMONST flag to them so now they do not get stuck on monster block lines nor go off the screen. -Now first person mode view is less obstructed by the player sprite things. -Removed player color translations. -Fixed Luigi Long Jump special double jumping in mid air. -Player standing animation changer now checks if player is off of ground along with speed being more than 0. -Added unique wall press and falling sounds for player characters (falling sounds only made in GZDoom). -Fixed Super Star Powerup sometimes not giving player invulnerability effect. -Now the player can pickup coins and items while on the Player Spiny Shell or Player Cloud. -Added player character specific powerup sounds. -Final super star moments now translate special player sprites. -Set player corpses to stay instead of disappear.

RetartedMimikyu64 posted a video on YouTube showing off his Star Fox character mods for Super Mario 64. You can play as Fox, Falco, Wolf, and even Krystal. The Krystal model is using our very own Krystal 64 Rig. Downloads for the mods are in the video description.

A modder and their team are quickly making headlines with their in-depth mod of the Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007, with their version of the game replacing the entire film cast with various characters from the Super Mario franchise. While mods usually tweak or add in some zany type of element to the game they're being used in, this one in particular completely overhauls the iconic shooter with Mario, Luigi, plenty of Koopas, and more.

@MarioBabyLuigiI made an account here just so I could thank you for your character mods. Amazing job bringing these characters to GTA V! I'm very much looking forward to your next pack, keep up the good work!

"Minecraft" is no stranger to crossing paths with other video game series. Much of the time, this comes in the form of character skins that reference other franchises, though if often occurs through fan-created mods. The "Super Mario" franchise has mashed up with "Minecraft" in both ways, thanks to a set of character skins in "Minecraft: Wii U Edition" and an awesome fan recreation of "Super Mario Galaxy" in which players can play as Mario and collect 86 stars, all in "Minecraft." Now, a new mod appears to bring elements of "Super Mario 64" right into the smash hit sandbox game.

jokes aside this is probably my favorite character mod of all time. for some reason x is used as the a button, which was confusing at the start, but other than that its pretty fun, and flows fluently, though the long jump doesnt have much use i feel, and the super form is vaguely underwhelming, but with the prospect of powerups i think this mod has alot of potential to be among the best for A.I.R, i give it a 9.9/10 (no blj)

if you don't like flawed characters then you're probably going to hate this game at least thrice..So let's start with why I hated GTA IV (4), just in case you're like me, didn't like it and apprehensive at 5..I'd played the first 2 on my old 486 when they had initially been released, and enjoyed the silliness of them but I had secretly always hoped for a 1st person open world.The 3rd, and Vice City I managed to play a little on a friends Xbox (I had initially bought the console, gotten bored and then sold it) and I thought, yeah they look fun. One day I'll have time and play them properly.. I never really did, and sadly by the time I got to them they had aged too much for me to care.I had played some of the variations on my GameCube that I thought were OK (True crime series) simple enough to direct me where I needed to go, but open enough to make me feel like I had control, but the fourth GTA never really looked that welcoming. It just didn't grab me, but I thought it'd had so many great reviews, it just had to be good right?So I got the fourth. It was the PS3 version and grinded through an hour or two.I hated it. The graphics were muddy. The driving mechanics were clunky (probably the consoles fault), and the story. Well I just found it contrived and hollow. I just hated the over the top accents, and the 'I'm here to be a better person' but 'I will kill anyone for money' characters.Later on, I got sleeping dogs and thought. "Wow, this is what I actually expected for GTAIV. Maybe it's just a graphics thing?".So maybe I just need the modded version of 4 instead?I bought GTA 4 on a steam sale, added the latest and greatest mods and played it.Bored, and unimpressed, I stopped at the same place. A few years later, I saw the trailer for GTA V and straight away I knew, that's a story I want to play. I've always liked the disturbed, broken but real characters you can have from hedonistic situations (a la Californication, and Heat) so I couldn't wait. This time I would wait for the PC version, and hope that it didn't disappoint.When I found out that GTA V was being released with a 1st person option.. I couldn't believe it. I mean I can play 3rd persons and enjoy them (see Naughty Dog games above) but I really like to be immersed in worlds, and that means 1st person for me. Including losing out on all of the 'helpful' ways 3rd person cameras can help.So... I was going to wait until summer sales for GTA V... but thought... nah, I'll treat myself. I'm sure it'll meet my expectations as I knew what I was looking for... and boy was I right.I played the whole thing in 1st person. Who wants to waste time with a 3rd person view? (Note: I've read a lot of garbage that commiting crimes in 1st person turns kids into psychopaths... but it is an adults game and anyone can imagine gruesome images. It doesn't mean they're going to do it in real life - OK rant over).This time the driving (in car) was perfect, while the visuals, the visuals finally showed me why I didn't care in GTA IV. This time, I really felt like I was driving in a real world. This time, I happily wasted hours driving from point to point because it felt real.I loved the gameplay, and loved the stories and acting.My only gripe is that I wish that Franklin's character was a little less naive (in a way he is similar to Nico from GTA IV) and a bit more complex, but I still loved this. With GTA V for this generation, I finally feel like we are moving into the open world game play that I always dreamed of.

Bigger, prettier, and grittier than the 2nd. All of the game mechanics and visuals were improved with the last in the Captain Shepard trilogy.Unlike a lot of people who were disappointed in the conclusion, I loved it.It's relentless and oppressive, and for me the ending was the only way to go. Building up decisions and a unique back story prior to this is what makes the world so great, and as they say it's the journey that is the most interesting.Having (what may only feel) like restrictive options to conclude the saga, well, that's just life.In other news, I've been trying to finish the 1st game now (after adding all of the additional visual mods etc). It's still OK, but just hasn't really grabbed me. I think I'll end up finishing it so that I can continue that character into the 2nd and 3rd when I play again.. in anticipation of 4 :D.


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