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MY TRUE GOAL - A Spiritual Poetry

Note: Republishing a poem written by me, back in the year 2011 in my personal blog, when I realized my pull towards spirituality. I was just a beginner meditator then. However, the impact of the heartfulness meditation practice was so profound that, my gratitude towards my then Spiritual Guru, came out in the form of this poem.

Through this spiritual poetry, I would like to emphasize the role of a Guru/Guide in our spiritual journey.

Evolving from the pyre of ashes,

Like a new born phoenix,

I see the grossness ablaze,

that was once a part of me.

Always a seeker, now a preacher,

Hungry for answers, I wandered about,

Asking , Why do I live,

What`s the purpose of my life.

Like the age old adage that says,

Everything has Its Time, I waited and waited,

Until I met my Master,

Who resided within me, my reflection he was .

I saw the answers unveiled,

and the mysteries revealed,

I was told “It could never be explained,

Only be experienced”.

I stared at the truth, with an addled brain,

Drowned in the enigma of doubts and belief,

I asked myself, what should I take,

And what I must reject.

Patient I was all the while,

Mind is the trickster and the sole culprit,

For I realized the only way through,

Was to put the culprit behind bars.

Fickle minded, yes I was,

But stronger was the determination ,

To follow the path to self realization,

For I yearned to rediscover myself every millisecond.

Who are you to judge them, to change them?

You want to see change?

Try changing yourself for a change,

You wouldn`t dare, for that`s the most difficult change.

Change is inevitable, change is invincible,

Change brings about progress and advancements,

I surrendered completely to Him,

For He promised to bring about a positive change.

Too small I am to know what liberation is,

Yet I trusted Him to the core of my heart,

Not for what He could give to me,

But for reasons unknown.

They say that Love can conquer all,

And so right they were,

For I felt divinity filling me from within,

When I filled myself with love.

I slowly realized that the world is a huge mirror,

That merely reflects your actions,

He urges you to do good,

If goodness is what you seek.

I still am in the voyage of life,

Searching for the unfound,

To experience the never experienced,

To feel the never felt,

To unfold the mysteries,

To realize my true goal,

To meet my true Master,

Who resides at the other end, in the brighter world.

Love, devotion and Joy,

These three loyal horses now pull my cart,

The cart of spirituality ,that can take me quite far,

As far as pure infinity.

I love my goal,

I love my mission,

I love my Master and,

I would follow Him until eternity.

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