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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Trust me when I say "THE UNIVERSE LOVES YOU"!!! That is not the reason why 'The Law of Attraction' is not working for you.

If you have ever read the book 'The Secret' and got mesmerized by it, then I`m sure you must have tried manifesting some of your dreams using 'The Law of Attraction'.

So did I... However, you might have noticed by now that, it does not work all the time. Does it? You might even say, 'It has not worked for me even once!!'

That`s all okay. We have all been there!!

Today, I would like to debunk all the myths that you had on 'The Law of Attraction'. I would also be explaining why the law of attraction, does not work all the time, and how to become a MANIFESTING MAGNET. I have shot a video on this and uploaded below. Do watch till the end to understand the concept in its entirety.

Before you head onto the video, I would like to share a personal story on how I started my spiritual journey. The book 'The Secret' had a very important role to play!!

Back in the year 2011, one of my colleagues spotted me with the book 'The Secret' while at the office. He came to me and spontaneously said, "I have read this book, however, whatever you read in this book is incomplete".

I was in awe. I was so impressed with the book, that I really felt, universe had handed me over with the key to abundance. I had imbibed whatever I had learned from the book by then, and had started practicing it too. Some of the small things I had visualized, had even started manifesting. But was I in for a surprise!!

I thought to myself: "Is there more secret to be unveiled now?"

I replied "Really? These days I treat this book, like my Bible". Yes, those were the exact words I used. I still remember.

I questioned him. "How do you know this book is incomplete?"

This was his reply. "Well, I had been a heartfulness (heart based meditation) practitioner under the system of Raja Yoga. It is also called 'Sahaj Marg' in Hindi, which can be translated to 'The Natural Path'. The concepts explained in our literature is the complete version of what affects our reality. In fact there is a lot more truth than what`s explained in the book."

I was enthralled by this conversation. I had been a seeker of truth. Existential and philosophical questions like "What is the purpose of creation", "What is the meaning of my life", "What happens after death", "Does God really exist (I was an ashiest until some time back)" always used to haunt me. I also used to feel I was very different from other people and at times struggled mentally to fit in.

I thought, maybe I`m closer to my answers after all. Little did I know that, the answers were so vast that the puny human intelligence could hardly grasp them.

But I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I requested my colleague if he could share some wisdom from his so-called literature with me.

He was even more enthusiastic to share whatever he could, regarding his meditation approach, in the limited time of the interaction, while I tried to digest whatever information I could. I confess that it was overwhelming too.

Those explanations could not quench my thirst!!

I thought, probably meditation would take me closer to my answers. I politely asked him, if he could teach me his way of meditation. He was ready to share the contact number of a prefect(trainer), who would be giving me three introductory sessions, after which I could meditate on my own.

I could not miss the opportunity. Yes, I took the plunge.

I started meditating!!

It was a magnificent journey. It was never easy, but spirituality turned my life upside down.

I slowly started accepting my life the way it was, I was able to deal with my emotions in a healthier way despite being an HSP(highly sensitive person), I started understanding people in depth, I could forgive easily, I started finding deeper meaning in things like failures or why certain things happen to certain people, I started enjoying my alone time, I slowly started self-introspection, healing past wounds, facing the demons within me.

I felt solace!!

But here is the confession, it took me months or years to truly realize the depth of what my colleague meant a decade back - that there is more truth to it, than what`s written in the book.

Based on my understanding and life/spiritual experiences, I try to explain the same, in the below video.

I hope you enjoy it!!

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